Commercial Law Section

Working Draft of the Legislative Text of the General Legal Regulation of Legal Entities in the Mirror of Corporate Theory and Practice

The section focuses on the interpretation and application polemics about the general regulation of legal entities, which was submitted by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic for public discussion in March 2022. This material brings several fundamental conceptual changes consisting in (among other things) abolishment of differentiation between acting on behalf of the company and for the company, replacement of some original institutes (e. g. due professional care) with new legislation and terminology (duty to act conscientiously) and at the same time partially breaks the legal certainty of the statutory bodies in relation to the dynamics of applying for the claims arising from breach of statutory duties vis-à-vis statutory bodies by the companies.

Garants of Section: prof. JUDr. Mojmír Mamojka, PhD. a doc. JUDr. Peter Lukáčka, PhD.

Coordinators of Section: JUDr. Dominika Pintérová, PhD.