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March 22, 2024 (Friday)

Registration of participants: from 8.00 

Coffee break: available from 8.00 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 17.00 at the reception at the entrance and downstairs at the Cinema Hall

Lunch:  from 12.00 until 13.00

Accommodation: keys available at reception from 15.30

Luggage storage: Lounge

Lecture in the Cinema Hall: 18.00  19.00 (Juraj Vačok)

Dinner: from 19.00 until 20.00

Second dinner: 22.00 (cabbage soup)

Evening programme: DJ Johnny de City

Section Topic Name: Contemporary Issues of Human Rights Philosophy and Practice

Section duration: 9.00 – 12.00 

Room: Congress Hall

Language: SK, CZ, EN

1. Daniel Barták  ,,Jeremy Bentham and the critique of natural rights"

2. Marcin Dorochowicz ,,The requirement to establish a court by law (Article 6 of the Convention) and the gross violation of domestic law
in the latest case law of the ECtHR


3. Vincent Bujňák ,,The possibility of suspending the effect of a legal regulation before its promulgation"


4. Martin Turčan ,,On the relation between utilitarianism and human rights" – a discussion paper

5. Sára Majerová ,,Recent trends in the Roman Catholic Church's position on LGBTIQ+ issues"

6. František Pažitný, Daniel Takács "Formal review of constitutionality as a tool for protecting the fundamental rights of members of the National Council Formal review of constitutionality as a tool for protecting the fundamental rights of members of the National Council of the Slovak republic"

7. Samuel Cibik ,,Is the budbet responsibility a third generation right?"

8. Marián Ruňanin ,,On the current academic free speech issues"

9. Branislav Korec ,,Is it constitutional for state authorities to monitor communications on social networks?"

10. Peter Serina ,,Challenges to SBA Disciplinary Proceedings"

11. Petr Šuráň ,,Fundamental rights of animals from the point of view of the case law of the Swiss constitutional judiciary"

12. Martina Babušíková ,,Disadvantage of children born through surrogacy - the question of personal status and identity in the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights"

13. Csilla Szomolaiová ,,Olympic Ideals, Real-world Issues: Rule 50.2 of the Olympic Charter and Athletes freedom of expression"

14. Martin Búran ,,Standard-setting of municipalities and towns as units of local self-government - nature, pitfalls and challenges for the future"(5th year student)

Section Topic Name: Current Issues of International Environmental Law – through the Lens of Public International Law and Private International Law

Section duration: 10.30 – 12.00 

Room: Meeting room 1

Language: SK, CZ, EN

1. Olena Gulak  ,,Implementation of international standards in the formation of an appropriate level of legal liability for corruption offenses in the field of land relations in Ukraine" (ON-LINE)  (ON-LINE)

2. Yuliia Krasnova ,,Internatiol legal principles for ensuring environmental safety" (ON-LINE)  (ON-LINE)

3. Liudmyla Golovko ,,Internatiol legal regulation of protection of environment during armed conflicts"

4. Lukáš Mareček ,,Destruction of environment during an armed conflict: view of public international law, internatonal private and procedural law in the context of conflict of Ukraine in relation to Slovak justice system"

5. Lea Mezeiová ,,The legal regulation of obligations arising out of environmental damage with link to several legal orders"

6. Ondrej Ružička ,,International administration of territory as a means of environmental protection"

7. Petra Paľuchová ,,Protection of animals during armed conflict" 

8. Bianka Bachratá "Protecting the rights of transgender people at the international level - current challenges" (5th year student)

Section Topic Name: Protection and Guarantee of Rights and Legitimate Interests in the History of Law

Section duration: 13.00 – 14.30

Room: Congress Hall

Language: SK, CZ, EN

1. Valéria Terézia Dančiaková ,,Acts 16: 16 - 40 - episode in Philippi the context of Roman law"

2. Veronika Pétiová ,,Victim in sexual abuse cases"

3. Frederika Vešelényiová ,,Evolution of the legislation concerning institutional minors in Slovakia in the 20th century"

4. Jakub Jankovič Legal tools in combating hungarian the interwar period in Slovakia"

5. Peter Sýkora The principle of participation and co-responsibility in governance in the Church and in in civil society"

Section Topic Name: European Union as a Trendsetter in Digital Regulations

Section duration: 14.30 – 17.00

Room: Meeting room 1

Language: SK, CZ, EN

1. Michał Ochociński ,,Civil law protection of a consumer credit recipient - legal comparison of 2008/48/EC Directive and 2023/2225 Directive (Consumer Credit Directive 2) in the context of digitization. Remarks de lege lata and de lege ferenda"

2. Krzysztof Krzystek Joint investments in high-capacity

3. Mariana Bieliková Trilogy of case law on transatlantic

4. Silvia Kratochvilova "Liability of Online Platforms for Online Copyright Infringement"

5. Matúš Mesarčík ,,Disinformation as illegal or harmful content from a regulatory perspective"

6. Zoltán Gyurász ,,Theseus' paradox in the context of autonomous vehicles"

7. Petra Dražová ,,Criminal Law Aspects of Ethical Hacking"

Section Topic Name: Current Issues in Public Administration

Section duration: 14.30 – 17.00

Room: Congress Hall

Language: SK, CZ, EN

1. Martin Krajči ,,Jurisdiction of the Military Police for block proceedings"

2. Viera Jakušová ,,Current issues of additional building permit"

3. Marisstella Čurná "Administrative legal aspects of interference with property rights to land for the purpose of building line constructions" (5th year student)

4. Maroš Pavlovič ,,Landscape planning as a prerequisite for effective implementation of land consolidations" 

5. Tomáš Garžík ,,Perspectives of Imposing Disciplinary Liability of Public Notaries"

6. Henrich Meňky ,,Supervision of the advertising of medicinal products in the light of the latest decision-making activity of the State Institute for Drug Control"

7. Šimon Bleho ,,Seizure of property under the International Sanctions Implementation Act"

8. Kristína Slámková ,,Challenges of Prosumers in the Energy Market"

9. Lenka Šutaríková Legál arrangement for drinking water supply in the Žilina región"

10. Peter Zmeko Slovakia's response to the COVID pandemic - 19. Analysis of the situation before the first wave and measures taken during the first wave"

Section Topic Name: Transformations of Companies under the New Legislation and (related) Current Issues of Financial Law and Company Law

Section duration: 14.00 – 17.00

Room: Meeting room 2

Language: SK, CZ, EN

1. Barbora Grambličková ,,Battling abusive practices in cross-border conversions"

2. Natália Priateľová ,,The Competence of Notaries in Verifying the Legality of Cross-border Conversions in the Context of Tax Avoidance"

3. Júlia Hoffmanová ,,Global minimum tax as a means of combating tax evasion"

4. Dominik Nagy ,,Legal requirements of holding companies"

5. Viktória Andrásiová ,,Does Slovak legislation target startups?"

6. Regina Šťastová ,,The provision of financial assistance by a trading company in response to new legislation"

7. Richard Laura, Juraj Plaza ,,Illegally employed sole trader: how to go around the orderer's back and get them on the blacklist of illegal employees"

8. Aneta Steinhüblová ,,Contemporary Challenges of the Administration of Value Added Tax in Slovakia"

9. Maroš Katkovčin ,,Transitional regimes of Regulation MiCA application"

10. Peter Beňo ,,Upcoming changes in the regulation of payment services"

11. Mária Potančoková ,,Application of AML rules ad absurdum - analysis in the light of possible causes or the law of unintended consequences"

12. Dominika Pintérová ,,The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the statutory and supervisory bodies of business companies"

13. Kristína Verešpejová ,,Income tax deductibility of expenses " (5th year student)

14. Ľubica Kubíková ,,Current relocation challenges" (5th year student)

15. Marek Vyčítal ,,The contract with regard to the limitation of the parties' will, especially on its termination" (5th year student)

Section Topic Name: Value of a Woman in Society

Section duration: 09.00 – 11.00

Room: Meeting room 2

Language: SK, CZ, EN

1. Ana Medzmariashvili ,,The impact of the Association Agreement on Georgian Legislation in terms of empowering
Women's Labor Rights"

2. Simona Dušeková Schuszteková ,,The position of an employee as a woman and mother

3. Natália Kalinák Protection of pregnant women on termination of employment relationship

4. Ivana Semanová The influence of gender stereotypes on women in the work environment

5. Petra Žárská Women: Innovators and Creators

6. Barbara Faktor Pavlíková ,,The impact of crisis situations on women in the labor market"

7. Nikola Bezáková ,,General presumption of woman as a critical participant in labour relations"

8. Ádám Sípos Gender equality in non-standard work: reality or fiction?

9. Barbora Švedová, Juraj Plaza ,,Different Pay for the Same Job: Gender Pay Gap in Slovakia"

10. Denisa Homola Nevická ,,News in the Field of Gender Equality in the EU"

Section Topic Name: Co-ownership – Legal and Application Limits

Section duration: 11.00 – 14.00

Room: Meeting room 2

Language: SK, CZ, EN

1. Aneta Jančíková ,,Procedural Community of the Debtor and the Debtor's Spouse in Enforcement Proceedings"

2. Tamara Čipková, Petronela Luprichová Cvengrošová ,,Trust Funds"

3. Laura Fotopulosová ,,Procedural aspects related to the institution of co-ownership"

4. Viktória Jančárová ,,The mass of undivided co-ownership of spouses as the subject of execution proceedings"

5. Dávid Maukš ,,Joint Will for Married Couples"

6. Alexandra Mišinová ,,Regulation of the community of spouses"

7. Štefan Horony ,,Voidability of spouses' acts"

8. Matúš Janidžár ,,Prenuptial agreement"

9. Martin Hrčka ,,Establishment of an encumbrance by a co-owner for the benefit of the other co-owner"

Section Topic Name: Rule of Law and Criminal Law

Section duration: 09.00 – 16.10

Room: Cinema Hall

Language: SK, CZ, EN

Jozef Čentéš – An opening word

1. Rastislav Remeta ,,Current issues in the seizure of instruments and proceeds of crime"

2. Jiří Mulák ,,A Few Notes on Penalty Rates and the Extraordinary Reduction of Imprisonment"

3. Jeannette Chovanová ,,Collaborating accused in criminal proceedings"

4. Marek Dvořák ,,Scent marks in the context of the right to a fair trial"

5. Karin Vrtíková, Ivana Mokrá ,,Quo vadis collusion bond"

6. Stanislav Mihálik, Maximilián Kiko ,,Application of material correction in selected crimes of violent crime"


10.20 – 10.40        Coffee break

7. Markéta Kajfoszová, Kateřina Kolářová  ,,The position of the agent in criminal proceedings"

8. David Texl ,,The importance of the preparatory procedure for evidence in criminal proceedings"

9. Irena Bihariová ,,The new sentencing policy in the light of selected principles of the rule of law"

10. Lukáš Turay, Matúš Kováč ,,Limitation of prosecution and the rule of law"

11. Roland Hochmann, Daniel Richter ,,Limitation of prosecution as an immanent part of the rule of law"

12. Erik Ploth, Dominik Pindes ,,Comparison of the legal regulation of property crimes in the Slovak Republic with selected countries of the European Union"



13. Juraj Kornhauser ,,Application of principle non bis in idem in prosecution of tax crimes"

14. Filip Richter ,,Tax Evasion Through the Lens of Criminal Law"

15. Patrícia Krásná ,,Virtual identity" and the risks associated with it during the investigation"

16. Denisa Hamranová ,,Drug offenses in the light of the amendment to the Criminal Code"

17. Michal Andrýsek ,,New legal regulation of drug crimes"

18. Lenka Miklóssyová, Alžbeta Šimeková ,,Criminalisation of abortions in the USA"

19. Samuel Marr ,,Crimes against teaching staff from the prosecutor's perspective"


14.20 – 14.40         Coffee break

20. Jakub Ľorko, Lucia Vasilik ,,Gender-responsive programs in the prison environment

21. Rudolf Cádra ,,The Thoughts on the existence of the Special Prosecutor´s Office"

22. Michal Rampášek ,,Obtaining digital evidence by an attorney"

23. Marek Adamkovič ,,What next for the admissibility of private audio-visual recordings in criminal proceedings?

24. Barbora Klúčiková, Michaela Vilhanová ,,The Detention in application practice"

25. Alexandra Podlipová, Maximilián Kiko ,,The criminal offense of defamation in theory and application practice

26. Alex Želinský ,,The position and role of the Constitutional Court in the protection of the rule of law – current issues related to criminal law"

27. Agáta Bajčíková „Koncepcia restoratívnej justície a posúdenie jej vplyvu na páchateľov a obete trestných činov proti životu a zdraviu“ (študentka 5. ročníka)


Section Topic Name: Democracy as a Common Value of the European Union and its Member States

Section duration: 13.00 – 14.30

Room: Meeting room 1

Language: EN

1. Sára Kiššová ,,Enforcement of the Value of Democracy by the European Union" 

2. Igor Sloboda ,,The defence of democracy package: a new legal framework for regulating the interest of third countries in the light of current challenges" 

3. Edita Filadelfiová ,,Non-respect of EU values - usage of Article 7" 

4. Adam Máčaj ,,No Need to Interfere with the Democratic Discussion – The European Court of Human Rights and Its Developing Approach to Politically Controversial Issues in Poland" 

5. Martin Šimkovič ,,Protection of democratic values in the context of the case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union" 

Section Topic Name: Challenges for Environmental Law

Section duration: 09.00 – 10.30

Room: Meeting room 1

Language: EN

1. Matúš Michalovič ,,Regulation of Unlawful Acts Against the Environment: Contrasting EU Progress with Slovakia's Approach" Slovenska“ 

2. Michal Kiča ,,Public participation in the adoption of strategic documents and its judicial review according to the EU law"

3. Alžbeta Zemanová ,,Sanction mechanisms in waste management: Analysis and comparison of the Slovak Republic and the Austrian Republic" 

4. Wojciech Iskra ,,European Union law for combating environmental crimes under Directive 2008/99/EC, with particular emphasis on new provisions on environmental crimes." 

5. Maciej Bujalski "Searching for final shape of ecological sales law on different approaches to amending the sales of goods directive with a view to promote the circular economy rôznych prístupoch k zmene smernice o predaji tovaru s cieľom podporiť obehové hospodárstvo“ 

23 March 2024 (Saturday)

Breakfast: 8.00 – 9.00

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Accommodation: vacating the rooms by 9:00 a.m. (hand over the keys at the reception)