State Bodies, Democracy
and Civil Society

Theory of Law, Philosophy of Law and Constitutional Law Section. Language: SK/CZ

Methods of Transnational and International Settlement of Disputes

International Law and European Union Law Section. Language: EN

Milestones in Development of State-Law
in History

Legal History and Roman Law, Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Law Section. Language: SK/CZ/EN

Milestones of Digital Regulations
in European Union Law

Information Technology Law and Intellectual Property Law Section. Language: SK/CZ/EN

Potential Research Topics
in Financial Law

Financial Law Section. Language: SK/CZ/EN

Crises and their Influence on Employment Law

Labour Law and Social Security Law Section. Language: SK/CZ/EN

Challenges of Civil Law
in the 21st Century

Civil Law Section. Language: SK/CZ/EN

Subsidiarity of Criminal Law
in Theory and Application Practice

Criminal Law, Criminology and Criminalistics Section. Language: SK/CZ/EN

Kybernetická kriminalita v čase krízy

Sekcia trestného práva kriminológie a kriminalistiky. Rokovací jazyk: SK/CZ